NEW Ad format! How to monetize your website with In-page Push

We have launched a new ad format – In-page Push!

A new great way to monetize your website with awesome 2%-4% CTRs and fabulous 0,5-1$ CPMs for Tier1.

In-page Push is a new ad format for audience monetization that helps to serve ads across all platforms. YES! Including iOS, Mac OS, and now traffic doesn’t depend on updates from Chrome 80.  It has full compliance with BetterAds Standards and Search Engines requirements which are huge advantages of this format.

Why In-Page Push?

In general, In-page Push ads are similar to push-notifications, but with a few massive extra advantages:

• 100% fill rate for all GEO’s and devices; 

• users don’t need to subscribe to a notification to see In-page Push ads;

• best CPM cost, because all users who explore the website are 100% likely will see this ad;

• compatible with any Ad format; 

• customizing design and frequency capping 

• IPP is approved by Google and does not affect the SEO rank;

• new Ad format, so users are receptive to such kind of advertising.

How to install the In-Page Push zone to your website?

Log in to your account on the Clickaine platform. Go to your “Statistic”, select website, and click “ADD ZONE”.


On the next step select “In page notify” to launch In-page Push format.


Set up general settings. We recommended using the “General/ multi niches category”.  Check “Vibrate” if you want to receive a visual vibration effect on your ads. 


Also, select the position of your ads. We suggest using the default “top right’’ positional settings. 


The final step is to generate and copy the code into your website.


For webmasters, the format was designed to expand monetization opportunities. Tests have shown that the format works great as an independent unit and has already gained immense popularity.

You may reach out to us via live chat on your dashboard or contact your account manager, and we will be glad to assist you with all the questions you may have. To get started now, kindly follow the link.

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