Native Ads — one of the most organic and profitable ways to monetize your traffic

A lot of publishers want to place ads that match the interests of their audience i.e. non-annoying ads that can easily be integrated into content and page designs, look like part of a website, and highly effective in reaching the audience.

Native advertising matches the look, feel, and function of the media format in which they appear.  This ad format focuses on the quality, relevance, and loyalty of the audience.

Why is native monetization so profitable?

looks like editorial content or the publisher’s recommendation to the audience, makes the user feel more in control and less distracted from their original content. It is more like a recommendation from a publisher which makes it generate the highest engagement and revenue stream.

works despite ad blockers. Native Ad always looks like “true content”, which puts it beyond the reach of ad blocking technology.

avoids banner blindness. Users are used to banner ads appearing on their screen, native ads are the solution to grab their attention. 

monetize across all device types i.e. desktop, tablets, and phones. It can easily adapt to any screen size without losing its quality.

Average CTR and vCPM divided by websites types: 


Below are our recommendations for Native Ad placements.

We recommend placing Native Ad for best performing results with a focus on the most visible areas of your website: closer to the top, near search panel, and pagination. 

Best performed spots for Native Ads divided by website types: 

Tubes, Video streaming, and Movie streaming sites

Best performing spots for the home page:

  • • second row
    • anywhere near search plugin
    • footer near pagination

Best performing spots for video page:

  • • under the video or above the video recommendations
  • • next To The Video
  • • footer near pagination


Best performing spots for home and category pages:

  • • header
  • • sidebar
  • • anywhere near search plugin
  • • footer near pagination 

CJ websites

Best performing spots:

  • • second – third rows
  • • home page and category page
  • • anywhere near search plugin
  • • footer near pagination 

Image galleries

Best performing spots for the home page:

  • • 1st – 2nd row
  • • anywhere near search plugin
  • • footer near pagination

Best performing spots for image page:

  • • under the image or above the image recommendations
  • • sidebar
  • • footer near pagination

The main advantage of Native ads is its direct influence on customer loyalty retention. Native advertising matches the interests of the users, ensures their maximum compliance with requests, targeting engagement. These are the trends that marketers strive for. This “friendly” form of advertising does not evoke negative emotions and is unlikely to be ignored. It fits into the process of reading, working, searching for information and does not distract the reader, on the contrary, complements the user’s experience.

Interesting facts:

* The recent Global Native Advertising Market Research Report by IT Intelligence Market forecasts the annual growth rate of native advertising to hit 21% or higher through 2025.

* Native ads are more engaging than traditional display ads. The visual behavior of a user when viewing native ads is almost the same as the visual behavior when viewing published content. Consumers are 53% more likely to click on native online ads than on other ad formats.  

Also, we recommend not mixing native ads widgets with other types of ads such as popunder, etc., because it will confuse and mislead the visitors.

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