Popunder Ad Format. Pros and Cons for publishers

Is it safe to monetize your website with Popunders?

Popunder remains confident as one of the cost-effective ways to increase your profits with Ad placements.

Popunders are classified as an aggressive format of advertising, such as Full-Screen Overlay Ads,  Clickable Site Skins, and Interstitial Ad. However, with skillful use of this format, you could convert the targeted traffic at a higher conversion rate and avoid sanctions from search engines. 

What is the popunder?

A popunder is shown when a user clicks on the content of a page. It appears as a new tab under the main browser tab staying hidden until the main browser tab is closed or minimized, leaving the user’s attention uninterrupted by the advertisement.


‣ High CR for advertisers and CPM for publishers. Average CPM 1-3$. 

‣ Popunder ads show to everyone. Banner blindness occurs just as frequently on your website as it does in display advertising. Popunder has a 100% view rate. 

‣ Can be easily combined with other Ad formats.

‣ Easy to set. 

‣ Pops can’t be ignored. Visitors can’t help but read your message or value proposition when it pops up on their screen. Even if they close it, the message has still been communicated which leads to higher payouts at the end of a day.


‣ Using popunders, you should consider that these formats are not always welcomed by search engine systems. Upon detection of the corresponding code, Google algorithms often prescribe a manual check, which may lead to pessimization.

BUT, it is safe for those who use doorway traffic, and the traffic from search engines is minor. 

How Popunders/Pops could be used?

There 3 ways to use pops on your website: Tab-over, Tab-under, Pop-up

After a click on content or any link on the website, the ad opens in a new tab and the user is directed straight to it, while the content tab is left behind it. 


This Ad is shown after a click on any link/content on a website. The user is moved to a new tab with content he clicked on while the Ad is placed in the tab behind the content page.


◦ Pop-up
The pop-up opens the new window, overlaying the content user is on, so it is visible right away. So tab-over format garners users’ attention as soon as they are displayed.

At Clickaine, we provide you with several technologies to install and display ads on your traffic source: JS code, Direct Link, Feed, and oRTB.


Clickaine recommendations:  

Keep it easy on frequency capping.  By default, Clickaine system frequency capping per user is set to 1 in 6 hours. Which is recognized as less destructive and annoying for users.  Also, there are lesser chances to get sanctioned by search engines.

Use Tab-Over to display Pop Ad. 

It drives more viewability, thus advertisers get more conversions and most likely attend to bid more on your traffic source

Use separate JS codes for every-single source.

JS allows us to evaluate the quality of the publisher’s inventory and push it over high paying advertisers which would boost revenue.

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