How to add dynamic headlines to your ad campaign

We are pleased to announce that we implement new super useful features to our platform. Now our advertisers could create dynamic headlines for any ad campaigns, that will definitely make their life easier. 

What are the dynamic headlines?

Dynamic headlines allow using specific macros in your ad headlines (titles) which expand according to the location and the day of the week of the ad impression. 

Now available following values:

• {country} country name of the visitor

• {region} region name of the visitor e.g. “California”

• {city} city name of the visitor e.g. “London”

• {vendor} device vendor, e.g. “Apple”

• {model} The device that the visitor is using e.g. “iPhone”

• {os} – visitor os, e.g. “iOS”

• {browser} – user’s browser, e.g. “Chrome for iOS”

• {isp} The carrier that the visitor is using to access the site e.g. “Vodafone”

• {day} day that the visitor is visiting the site on e.g. “Monday”

How to add dynamic headline to your campaign?

Just add relevant macroses into the text of headline.
Important to know, dynamic headlines are available globally, but they only support English language

In case of any questions, do not hesitate to contact us advertisers@clickaine.com

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