It is time to increase organic traffic on your website

One of our main priorities is assisting our publishers to grow their businesses by working closely with them to monetize their traffic, optimize their ad zones, stay Google compliant, offer tangible business tips, and ultimately improve their revenues. Today, we would like to continue on the same path by sharing with you several tips concerning SEO which would guarantee you a better ranking.

It is common knowledge that SEO is difficult, time-consuming, capital intensive, and requires a lot of tech-savviness. Nonetheless, there is plenty you can do by yourself to increase your website organic traffic at no cost but a little fraction of your time.

First and foremost, you will need Google Analytics. This is a free tool that provides detailed data of all visitors, displaying data about the region, operating system, internet provider, traffic source, and other important metrics. Definitely, you need it for your website to improve your SEO performance.

We are sure that you have previously heard about the benefits of SEO and have already started working in this direction. Therefore, we suggest taking a look at the lists of the commonly made mistakes to avoid below.

Top of SEO mistakes to avoid

Duplicate content. Pages with similar content that are available on the different URLs are usually created for keywords targeting. This is not the best and most effective strategy, in fact, you will end up with low-quality pages that can negatively affect the website in general.

Optimization with wrong keywords. We strongly recommend finding time to optimize your content with the right keywords. After you have come to know your niche and searched for the keywords, make sure they are relevant. For researching keywords you could use Keyword Planner from Google.

Skipping Title Tags & Meta Descriptions. To rank well in the SERPs, you need to optimize your pages with meta tags, that include meta titles, meta descriptions, and even meta keywords. Don’t use similar content in the meta tags. Doing so will make it hard for the search engines to choose what page to show from your website if you use the same keyword or title.

Ignoring technical errors. You could spend your whole time creating high-quality content and optimizing it, but all this effort can be rendered futile if your site has technical problems. The most common and critical errors are: error 404, broken links, incorrect redirects, slow page speed, etc. However, there are many free open source tools that can help you to check your website for technical errors.

Do not optimize images. 91.94% of all errors in optimizing multimedia files on site pages are too large images. Check if you are making these mistakes.

Don’t forget to keep the image title and alt attribute in mind. For example: instead of using an image with the name “01356”, consider including a keyword describing the image like “best-diet”, “weight-loss” as the image name. The alt attribute should not be filled with keywords, but it should describe the image.

It is always better to learn from the mistakes of others than to learn from yours. So we hope you will find this article useful in assisting you to avoid the listed mistakes. Make sure that you’re on the right track. Have a successful optimization!

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